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wooden easel

Wooden Display Easel (Economy)

Designed to work with a variety of chalkboards, marker boards, and poster frames, this wooden display easel is perfect for lobbies of hotels, restaurants and businesses. Standing at 57" tall fully assembled, the natural wood finish gives a classic vibe without drawing attention away from the actual displays. With 6 holding peg positions and a rear chain-support system, you can be sure that this easel can handle any job you throw at it. Ideal for both casual and professional settings, our easel can help you convey any message to your audience!


  • Design to Work with a Variety of Items
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • Ideal for Both Casual and Professional
  • 6 Holding Peg Positions and Rear Chain-Support System
  • Stands at 57" Tall Fully Assembled
  • Object Min. 19.25" X 24"
  • Object Max. 19.25" X 41"
  • Dimensions: 57"x 21"x 27"
  • Weight: 6.5LB



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